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Early #16ToVote Campaigning: Day Seven

It’s been four days since I got off the train in New Orleans and almost three that I’ve been in Morgan City. Here’s the Long-Allen Bridge that connects Morgan City and Berwick together, high above the Atchafalaya River below it.

Today was more or less a downtime day, like Thursday when I was in between speaking at one club in New Orleans and in Morgan City yesterday, so I decided to explore parts of the town I hadn’t been in yet, as well as head to the adjoining town next door via a pedestrian bridge called Berwick.

Berwick is a really small town, only about half of the size as Morgan City. Although there isn’t much to do other than pass through it if you’re using the 182 Bridge(pictured above), it does have some really friendly people with a few great places to eat, such as Bayou Lagniappe, where you can grab some really great seafood at a great price.

Even though I couldn’t make a presentation today and didn’t do much towards the early campaign for #16ToVote, I did have enjoyable food, got to see more of the local history and landmarks in both Morgan City and Berwick and was able to meet many friendly locals who told me about the two cities local lore and their own personal stories of what being a Louisianian means to them.


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