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Day Six: #16ToVote Arrives in Morgan City, Louisiana

Me with two members of the East St. Mary’s Kiwanis Club of Morgan City. I was able to present to a crowd just as large as the one in New Orleans and have made good contacts here.

I presented in Morgan City, Louisiana today, which is about 60 miles west of New Orleans. Very inviting club and receptive to the message. I was also able to speak with many members of the club after my talk. It also helped that the were Key Club members present(think of them as junior Kiwanians but at the high school level.)

Presenting today at Morgan City made me feel a little more confident in what I was doing for the campaign, as if I wasn’t already confident to begin with. There is much merit to what I am doing, so I’m hoping that other organizations out there that are currently supporting to lower the voting age to 16 can also chip and help the later campaign be a success!


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