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New Hope for #16ToVote

Representative Grace Meng recently at a Homeland Security Appropriations bill hearing. Rep. Meng is one of several supporters of lowering the voting age to 16. [photo source]

Last month’s blog post talked about taking advantage of the current favorable political climate in order to make gains towards extending youth suffrage. Today’s blog will talk about how this will be even more important in the next few weeks.

Rep. Grace Meng recently introduced legislation that will do just that- and we need to support it as much as possible. H J Res 23 was released nearly two years after Ayanna Pressley released a similar bill. Although it didn’t pass, it did get bipartisan support in a very challenging political climate- which is astonishing. Now consider this bill where favorable supporters control virtually all levels of government. Even more so with bipartisan agreement on recent issues. There is a high chance of success if we can also launch an effective social media campaign in support of this.

Politicians will largely have an impact on whether on not this bill will be successful. However, that does not mean we as supporters can’t do anything and can only watch from the sidelines. We need to act on this as well, and there’s a plan for it. I call on all youth suffragists & supporters to consider helping out with a new media campaign regarding this that I am working on with several supporters. Whether Rep. Meng’s bill passes this time around or ends up like Rep. Pressley’s bill will depend largely on what we, the supporters, do in the next few weeks while it is being voted on.

-Jеstеr Jеrsеy


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