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COVID-19 & Poverty

A sign showing the practice of distancing in crowds during the pandemic. (Photo courtesy of the Mercury News).

Two staggering milestones were reached this week: since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, more than 8 million have been infected with the virus. Additionally, a total of 8 million have been touched by another aspect of the pandemic: financially. Of those affected financially, 6 million of those were within the last three months according to NBC News.

As people are still whether the effects of the pandemic recession, little hope for help in the form of a stimulus relief bill is in sight as stimulus talks are still stalled & unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

Perhaps no group has felt the effects more so than low income minorities. Besides being one of the most vulnerable populations in this pandemic, they are also suffering from the financial effects of the depression.

An even just as marginalized sector are those who don’t have a vote: 16 year-olds who may or may not be able to go to school remotely due to financial hardships and.or are unable to find a job to supplement their family’s earnings at this difficult time.

While those of a more advanced generational membership are dealing with higher mortality rates with COVID-19, the younger generation is dealing with not having a say in a devastated economy that continues to shrink & lose value.

If there is to be any type of economic & political recovery, a stimulus package needs to be passed as soon as possible & more youth need to be enfranchised in order to be able to participate in a more active role in an economy they’re inheriting right before their eyes.



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