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Building A #16ToVote Joint Coalition & A Website

(Above) Building blocks. It may look silly, but it’s a fundamental practice for any effort- all activities have to start from somewhere. Each piece may not be impressive on their own, but when enough of them are used together, you can build some impressive things. The groups that support lowering the voting age are a lot like those building blocks. We can do amazing things at this time- that’s if we work together to do them.

On the first 16th of 2022 & the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I’d like to talk about two important topics connected to lowering the voting age to 16: a coalition around those efforts & a website. Both are equally important & should be made aware to all supporters, no matter where you are located, what efforts you’re involved in & what organization(s) you work with. Important moves are being made, so important resources should also be accessible to all supporters.

The first is the coalition of supporters. Since the announcement of Rep. Grace Meng’s sponsored HJ Res 23 bill, numerous organizations, both local within the United States as well as efforts around the world, have been discussing the possibility of working on a global joint effort to work together to support lowering the voting age to 16, much like recent climate change efforts have done.

What one gains in successes in one location can inspire efforts in another. As more places around the world continue to discuss the idea of lowering the voting age, recent successes in Wales, Scotland and others have also inspired their counterparts around the world. The next place that could potentially lower the voting age to 16 is the United States.

At this time, we’re close to the anniversary of the announcement for HJ Res 23, which was declared by Rep. Grace Meng in early February of 2021. The bill has had backing from several groups already working on efforts to lower the voting age to 16. As a fellow supporter, I have been in talks with many organization on building a coalition of sorts, made up of both fellow Americans but also contacts in Canada, Europe & the Oceania region(New Zealand, Australia). Our goal is to work together to support each other’s efforts.

Even though we may be dealing with different legislatures and methods to lower the voting age, the common goal we share is to lower the voting age. Most are looking at legislation, while others are connecting with officials to get more legislation to address the issue, while others are also campaigning and working in the background. I am doing many of the above, but I need your help, & so do other allies.

One of those ways is to get in touch with me. My email is always listed in the closing of these blog posts. If your organization, or even if you’re just an individuals who supports a lower voting age, it is important that we cannot. None of us on our own can make this happen. It is especially important in light of H J Res 23 that those in the U.S. in particular work together jointly. This could be one of the biggest opportunities we’ve had in years to enfranchise & empower more youths.

We are currently meeting online through an invitation-only platform, where several supporters have been meeting for some time, waiting to hear updates on H J Res 23. We are always accepting of new members, so if you’re not already on the platform, please contact me for an invite.

The second thing I want to mention is the website currently being worked on for public access. It provides ways to bring awareness to our work so that others who might not be as involved can still find informative resources about the effort and can share with their networks. We’re hoping it will be ready by the end of the month, and can also use your input and skills to help develop it. You can preview some of what is up on our website at this time here.

These extraordinary times call for extraordinary collaboration, from extraordinary individuals working to give ordinary individuals an opportunity to make their voices heard. We should use this time and take advantage of the opportunity to enfranchise younger voters so their voices can be heard on issues that affect them here & now. If we don’t, then it will be hard to tell when the next opportunity will come by again.

Jеstеr Jеrsеy


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