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Building a Coalition of Supporters for H J Res 23

H J Res 23 is the bill that Rep. Grace Meng introduced in February to lower the federal voting age. It is still currently waiting for a vote in the House of Representatives.

At this time, organizations spanning coast to coast in the United States that have worked on previous efforts to lower the voting age in several cities in their areas, as well as even state and national efforts, are collaborating to work on campaigning for H J Res 23, which is expected for a vote in the near future. It has recently been moved up for consideration to a subcommittee that will determine when it will be discussed and voted on.

In the meantime, a recently completed youth forum that collaborating organizations have joined is adding members to discuss how to support the H J Res 23 bill. All kinds of skills are needed, from graphic arts design to social media skills. Networking has also been a helpful tool, with many organizations connecting national efforts to local chapters and branches as well. However, more help is welcome and needed at this time while H J Res 23 waits for discussion on the House Floor.

If you have not already signed up for the youth forum, please contact me, since I can help get you an invite. It is important that supporters of lowering the voting age, no matter if your efforts have been localized to your nearby cities, slightly larger through counties or even statewide efforts, and especially national campaigns, band together to get H J Res 23 passed. Thank you.

Jеstеr Jеrsеy (non-gmail)


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