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Quarantine Continues: Earth Day Live during the Outbreak. #16ToVote

It has been one month since I wrote the last blog post regarding the effects of the Coronavirus, or Covid-19. Since then, it seems the condition has worsened but at the same time it has also shown signs of improvement as people practice preventative measures to reduce being exposed to the virus.

As people continue to feel the economic effects of Covid-19, others are finding ways to be productive at home. This is no exception for activists across the U.S., many of who are participating in the Earth Day Live strikes next week. Although the strike won’t take a physical form, it will have a very active social media and online presence.

One such event prior to the Earth Day Live event is this Sunday’s Social Community Series about Vote16 and Voting Rights. Because of the need to avoid large gatherings, the sessions held on a daily basis are a good way to reach out and communicate with other organizations participating in the Earth Day Live Strikes.

If you’re free this Sunday and are a supporter of youth rights, climate issues, voting rights or any and all combination of the above, please thinking about attending the session. Consider letting a friend or two know as well so you can learn more about the #16ToVote movement.

Stay safe!

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