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Defeat The Coronavirus with Information: #16ToVote

The Coronoavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been unavoidable on the news. But is it unavoidable as a disease? It depends on what you do and how you react. (Photo courtesy of Bethany Lutheran College)

With the recent outbreak in Coronavirus, all facets of life have been impacted, if not brought to a complete standstill. Schools have been closed, many public venues like theaters and sports events cancelled indefinitely and store shelves emptied out. Will life return to normal? That depends on what we do. It is also just as important to think about what we will do afterwards.

How will this impact the #16ToVote Advocacy Project?

I personally have been busy at work making preparations for a contingency plan for how to best continue the work on the #16ToVote Advocacy Project in light of the recent Coronavirus epidemic. I have not made plans to cancel it and still plan to go through with the travel as expected. Obviously, however, some adjustments will need to be made as groups and events I am working with will also have to make adjustments, so I will keep groups that are closely working with me updated on any adjustments that will need to be made.

Obviously one notable change I’ll have to make adjustments for will be events where large gatherings are expected to take place. I may have to switch to digital means for some key dates until I hear back from event organizers. Other than that, the digital and social media strategies I plan to share among the supporting groups should be largely unaffected, since you don’t need to be at the physical locations I’ll be at during the campaign. You just need to be able to access your social media platforms.

While I work with other groups on contingency plans for the next few days, you can take a few precautions yourself to avoid getting the virus and/or spreading it to someone else by following the simple tips on the chart below.

You can also practice other important actions, like social distancing(not social media distancing!) and listening to what your local health and safety providers say about the Coronavirus in your area.

The Coronavirus is a lot like ageism in that there’s a lot of fake information being spread out there that doesn’t help either cause, so it is important to check reliable sources and to debunk fake information. We’ll only overcome both by staying smart, vigilant and informed.

I won’t get into a lengthy post today in regards to the #16ToVote Project, but please do know that I plan to continue it as long as I am able to and will make contingency plans as best as I can to keep the campaign active during this period. Stay tuned for updates and stay safe out there!

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