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The #16ToVote Advocacy Project begins today!

Today marks a milestone: The #16ToVote Project (unofficialy) begins!

I haven’t posted much since I first began this blog except for background information, but as of today, I’ll be a little more active online. As of this writing, I am currently on my way to several locations in the southern United States. One could say this is the unofficial start of the #16ToVote Advocacy Project campaign.

Although this isn’t the main campaign, it is a side one that I am interested in doing prior to the main stops later this spring because I have found a receptive audience to the idea, as well as possible media coverage.

Also important to note that not only is today the 16th of February but also Susan B. Anthony’s birthday(I totally did not plan this!)- she was born two hundred years ago and fought for the emancipation of slaves- at the age of 17! Even Google’s Doodle was devoted for her today!

Today, we fight for equality for taxpaying youth- they should have a voice and a vote. Today’s unofficial start will hopefully start bringing a broader spotlight to this movement, and I will do my best to make this a reality happen.

I am unsure if I’ll be able to post much on this segment of the campaign, but I will try to document as much of this unofficial start of the campaign as possible when I am able to. Stay tuned!

-Jester Jersey


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