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New Year, New Push for #16ToVote!

Martin Luther King Jr. waves to the crowd in front of the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the National Mall on the day he delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. (Photo courtesy of

Greetings all! Happy New Year and Happy National #GoodTeenDay! Today’s post marks the first post of 2020, as well as the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

Rather than summarizing some of the previous posts from the last few months(there will be an update at the time of the state of the union address), I’ve decided to post about a project I’m currently working on for the #16ToVote movement.

As some organizations have known in the last few months, I’ve been contacting representatives from different #16ToVote movements in hopes of stopping by areas where their movements have been active. I am working on trying to get additional media coverage for the movement and have gotten good reporting leads. I would like to expand those further by getting in contact with more people and organizations they are working with.

So far, I’ve managed to map out a route of different locations of when I’ll be and where. I’ve even managed to get some sponsors interested in the idea! Planning stages for it are currently in progress. However, I’ll still be needing your help.

Currently, I have a need for the following:

References to organizations I haven’t already contacted that support #16ToVote. I’d like to set up dates and times where I can possibly speak to them.
Good venue suggestions where I can give a short talk about the #16ToVote movement.
Social media handle suggestions. I want to get in touch with different organizations’ social media profiles so we can stay in contact with each other. Twitter preferred, but all social media suggestions are welcome.
Media connections, such as news reporters, magazine journalists and even podcasts or radio station connections.
Any other material that you think might be of help not already mentioned above.
It is best to reach me through Twitter at @DavisKiwanian. DMs will be open if you want to give me additional contact information through there, if it is not already available on your Twitter profile. Otherwise, send me the best way to reach you and your organization by email through there.

I believe now is the right time for all #16ToVote movements to band together and fight for the cause together!

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from and working with your respective movements in 2020!

-Jеstеr Jеrsеy


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